About Me




While I have dabbled in photography for as long as I can remember I have never taken it seriously. For a variety of reasons I found myself isolated... all work and no play. As part of an effort to change this I re-discovered photography through clubs and workshops.

Photography is unique since there are so many aspects to it. In addition to the creative and artistic aspect it can be as social or private as you want. Through clubs and other activities one can always find an outing. You can most always locate someone (or a group for that matter) to meet you at 4:30am to shoot a sunrise...in January when it's 20 degrees and wind blowing.

The critiques and shows offered by such clubs have been beneficial. For me, however, it has been the individuals I have met along the way that make the difference. I have learned so much from these folks. I sincerely appreciate the advice and camaraderie.

I think I like the contemplative aspects of photography the best. Waiting, thinking through a shot, setting it up and finally capturing the moment. For this reason  I would like to explore large format at some point.